Do you have concerns about boudoir photo privacy when thinking about booking your own session?


If you are considering doing a boudoir photo session; you have likely wondered about the risks of these sexy images getting into the wrong hands or being posted on the internet without your knowledge or consent.

This concern is valid, and it’s important that you feel confident that your photographer will keep your photos completely private and never use them online unless you you’re your express permission to do so.

No matter what enters your mind when you think of boudoir photos, the one thing that is consistent at Studio 212 is your privacy. Boudoir is for everyone, but having intimate photos on the internet is not! So no images are ever shared without my client’s consent. All of the images posted on my website are of models and real clients. I have consent from each of those woman to use her images online. I don’t publish any photos without the client’s consent.

At my studio, I have plenty of women who are excited and proud of their photos, who feel honored to be featured on my website and social media accounts. But other ladies may not be able to share their images due to their employment or other commitments. I respect that choice and you will never be pressured in any way to grant me permission to post your images.  It is ALWAYS your choice.


Your images will be placed into a password protected gallery on my website.  The gallery is secure and unsearchable by internet search engines.   Any images that you choose to order for print will be printed by my out of state professional photography printing lab vendors and delivered to your front door.  Nothing is taken to Wal-Mart or any other local printer in order to preserve your confidentiality within the community.

I do my utmost to protect the confidentiality of the professional images created at my studio and you can rest easy knowing that I value the privacy of your boudoir photos and your trust in me.  So now you can relax knowing that your privacy will be honored, and you can begin to plan your supermodel experience with me. You deserve to look and feel breathtaking!