I am always looking for new talent.  I am looking for models/creative partners in the following genre's:
Lingerie, Boudoir, Bridal Boudoir, Artistic Nude, Grunge, Fantasy, Retro, Rockabilly, Fashion,
Glamour, Senior, Film Noir, Bridal, Black & White, Conceptual, Traditional Portraiture, Surreal,
Abstract, Dark/Goth, Hipster, (? insert your idea here, the sky is the limit!).
All shapes, sizes welcomed!

Do you like to push yourself?
Do you like to try different wardrobes, looks or styles?
Do you need to update your portfolio or personal portrait?
Do you like to express yourself artistically?
Do you like to create, tweak, refine and recreate?
Do you like free stuff?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above this gig is for you.  I am seeking individuals that like to be creative and push themselves to create the perfect image.  I want to work with people that like to be part of the creative process by sharing their ideas and help to make those creative idea's come to life in front of the camera. 

I have worked with paid models on projects in the past.  They are very methodical and professional in their craft.  They have tried and true looks and take direction well.  Those situations are fine when I am shooting a very specific theme or look.  I am looking for something more genuine than that here.  I am looking to help you develop and find that look or pose you didn't know you have.  I think that tells a more powerful story in an image than the model cookie cutter look has ever told. 

What is in it for You?  

You will receive retouched digital screen and social media optimized copies of all the images that make the final cut. 

You will have the option to have prints, canvases, metal prints (and any other kind of imaginable printable media) made of those images at studio cost and not a penny more.  (the price I am charged by the vendor).

Your complete photo shoot(s) done for free.

Exposure on professional modeling websites if you so choose. 

Your idea's and concepts will be solicited and welcomed.

You will be treated in a considerate and professional manner at all times and all boundaries will be adhered to and respected.


What's in it for you me?

I get a signed model release from you outlining mutually agreed upon images from the shoot that I can use for my portfolio and website as advertisement. 

I get your feedback and comments and most importantly, your creative juice.

I get what I consider one of the most powerful advantages, word of mouth advertising from you to all your friends and associates.

I get to develop a friend and partner to collaborate with on future shoots.


I'm in, I'm interested, I'm considering, or I'm not sure about this but where do we go from here?

Contact me through the contact form on this site and leave your contact information or at [email protected] or call or text to (605) 280-9235 and we can discuss a time to meet in person.   I will take you on a tour of the studio and familiarize you with the props, cameras and equipment.  All camera's, equipment and processing software are  professional grade only (no cheep equipment or hobby grade cameras used here).  We can sit down and discuss the type of shoot or image you would like to try.  If everything looks, and more importantly feels, legitimate to you we can make plans on putting together a photo shoot.   Your comfort ability with me is paramount.  If you are nervous with me, that will show through in all of your images.   

You should allow at least 4 hours for a shoot.  This certainly does not have to be accomplished in one sitting if time is an issue for you, and it could even go longer depending on the complexity of what we collaboratively decide to do.   

I thank you for taking your time to read and consider the above.  I take great pride in my craft and I want to give you a powerful experience and the type of images that tell a story and show the emotion that went into making them.  Images that make you say to yourself wow, is that me, did I create that?  

My promise to you is that I will be honest with you at all times.   I will tell you if a particular pose or look does not look right or just plain doesn't work.  I am not going to let you sell yourself short or leave here with junk for your portfolio.  On the positive side I promise that when I tell you that you nailed it, you can be 100% certain you nailed it :) 

I encourage you to take that first step.  Step outside of your comfort zone and do this for you, for your self confidence.  Why wait, you will never again be as young and beautiful as you are right now.