Preparing for your boudoir session


Give your feet and hands some love.

Your hands and feet will be visible in most of your boudoir shots, so it’s important to get them camera ready. Consider pampering yourself with a mani-pedi a few days before your photo shoot date.  Exfoliate those problem patches and moisturize several days in advance.    

  • What’s the best polish shade to use? One that matches with all your lingerie outfits. Using the same color on your fingernails and toenails is always a timeless look.
  • If you want a bolder look a classic red tone adds a fierce and timeless touch to your overall boudoir look.
  • Want a more muted polish color that goes with everything? Choose one that’s light pink, beige, clear or slightly tinted, or get a French manicure.
  • Make sure the bottoms of your feet are clean; they will show in some of your photos.


Pamper your skin.

  • Drink lots of water leading up to your photo shoot and stay hydrated. Hydrated skin is happy skin.
  • Wear your comfiest loose, baggy clothes to the studio. Otherwise, your bra, panty, and socks can leave weird lines on your skin.
  • Shave your legs, underarms, and bikini area the night before or morning of your session. If you wax, please do so at least 3-5 days before your shoot to reduce redness.
  • Avoid lip gloss and oil-based and glitter makeup to reduce the potential for excessive shine and hot spots on your skin from the studio lights. 


If you tan.

  • All skin tones are beautiful! Tanning is not required for mind blowing boudoir photos. It’s all about personal preference and whatever makes you feel fantastic!
  • Consider tanning completely nude or using sun screen up to two weeks before your session to eliminate heavy tan lines.


Liven up your sexy hair.

  • Get your hair trimmed, toned and touched up. Don’t let those stray greys storm on your photo session. If you’re coloring your hair, stick to a color that you know you’ll love! You want to feel like yourself throughout your photoshoot so keep this in mind when visiting the hair salon.
  • If you have stubborn hair that does not hold curls or volume, you can wash your hair one full day before your photoshoot. Use volumizing shampoo. If it is really stubborn, you can actually use volumizing mousse when blow drying your hair. Do not use any other products before arriving at the studio to avoid a greasy or flaky look.


Get your lingerie camera-ready

  • Check your outfits for tags and cut them off. You don’t want them to show in your photos.
  • Keep your lingerie wrinkle-free by bringing every outfit on its own hanger or loosely folded in a bag.


Most Importantly relax.

It is important that you are comfortable.  Boudoir is a very empowering and confidence building experience.  Those initial jitters you feel at the beginning will quickly fade away.  Always feel free to step outside of your comfort zone to experiment and explore that side of you that you didn’t know you had.    Boudoir can be soft, sweet, sensual, sexy, playful, pensive, mysterious, fantasy, dramatic, intense or really, all of the above. It uses light to accentuate curves, and props and atmosphere to create a mood. It is an expression of one's inner self: a self that most people don't get to see, but a self that wants to be heard.  


The information below may also answer many of your questions regarding Boudoir types.  

Turn Up The Heat

Turn up the heat on your session by adding video and make your gift a music infused video.  We will use both still and video camera's to shoot your session and combine the results into a video you are sure to love.  There is no extra cost for this service, but it will add extra time to the shoot :)

Body Type

The two most common comments I hear from women are "I don't think I have the body for boudoir" and "I am a bigger woman/I have put on several pounds and I don't think I will look good".  Boudoir is a celebration of self.  Every style of boudoir is for every body type.  We are who we are and we should celebrate that. I use light, shadow and wardrobe to maximize your outer beauty and use your curves, expression, and personality to bring out your inner beauty.  Boudoir has an amazing power to transform how you feel about yourself and your body.  It is great for giving you extra confidence, which you can take away with you and build on.  

What is Boudoir Photography?

The term “Boudoir” is French and was originally coined as the name for a woman’s dressing room, bedroom, or private sitting room. At some point, it also became the descriptive moniker for intimate lifestyle photography. The setting for these types of photo shoots is almost always a bedroom or a private setting but more and more often they are not limited to just indoor locations.

I have heard Boudoir called so many names, from “erotic lifestyle photography” to “a sexy photo shoot” and they all mean the same thing. It is a shoot in which you are most vulnerable, in your most private under things or just in the nude. Where you bare it all and give into loving and worshipping yourself.  It is about accepting your beauty and flaunting it, celebrating the little things that make you so uniquely you. Capturing all the secret things that make people fall for you.  Acting out those deep dark fantasies you have in the back of your mind.  Boudoir is a bold expression of your sexuality and sensuality.  

Boudoir is not restricted to a bedroom setting.  It can also be shot in the outdoors in a variety of settings.  This style is less common but has as much, if not more, impact.  Interest in outdoor or natural boudoir has skyrocketed and I believe it is because there is something so ethereal and goddess-like about a woman in an outdoor location that cannot be replicated in a bedroom.   

Types of Boudoir Photography


This is a very bright, high-contrast style, dominated by light and bright tones. Shadowed areas are minimal but still, exist, this style is really beautiful if shot in black and white. Sometimes the skin is exposed brightly enough to lose some texture and definition, and that’s OK. I love this style for more romantic and playful looks.  


Just about the opposite of high-key; it’s an image style dominated by dark and black tones. Often uses hard lights to give a crisp definition, including using hard backlights to outline the edges of the body. Shadowed areas – including skin and body features – are often allowed to fall into complete darkness. Bodyscapes are a good example of low-key boudoir.  These images can be very moody and dramatic.


Bridal boudoir photography is a growing trend with new brides as a deeply personal and intimate expression of love and desire to her groom.  Like traditional boudoir photography, bridal boudoir may feature the bride in lingerie and / or nude, wearing wedding-related accouterments such as a garter or wedding veil. 


Uses a vintage, retro, or 40’s/50’s style of makeup, clothing, posing, set, props, and processing. The lighting can be very simple; often one large light source will work just fine. This allows the photographer and model to focus more attention on posing and composition. These sessions are the most tiring in terms of work that the client and I will be doing. It’s a lot of posing and holding poses and feeling those thighs burn, but the end result is always worth it.

  Implied Nude

Implied Nude is just what it sounds like: images where nudity is suggested, but the viewer can’t be certain precisely how undressed the model is.  The remarkable ability of the human brain to fill in blanks and to follow paths to their natural conclusion means that even if it can’t be sure that someone is naked, a suggestion of nudity will lead it to assume she or he is.

Fine Art/Artistic Nude

In fine art nude photography uses light, shadows, posing and creative expressions to bring out the beauty of the subject and the human body in a more dramatic  artistic style. 

Couples/Seductive Boudoir

A couples shoot is where the sexy and playful and or super sexy and intimate come together to create a beautiful keepsake.  It’s an exploration of sensuality celebrating their love and the steamy connection they have for each other.


Although the word fetish sometimes elicits visions of BDSM, leather, latex, restraints, masks, and the like, It is much more diverse than that.  It is a very personalized subject that typically incorporates the likes of the persons partner.  This style is definitely for the more adventurous. 


I can stylize your session with any one or any combination of several of the styles listed above.  Most importantly make your session about you.  Explore and challenge your level of confidence, empower yourself to freely express.  Have fun preparing for your shoot by exploring examples on line.  It will give you a feel for what appeals to you.  You are always welcome to ask anything you like of me and I certainly welcome you to send any images of previous shoots whether it be professional or a cell phone image in the mirror of your work as well as any examples of looks you found that you like.